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Bo Clark

Bo Clark

“I’m half Cherokee and half Southern but I’m All-American.”

Bo “Bald Eagle” Clark is a comedian with an all-American message. He grew up in the southeast, and humor was always a part of how he expressed himself, through good times and bad. Clark moved to California a few years ago, and after losing his job in the construction industry, he decided it was time for a career change. He took his comedy act to Hollywood and stood in line for hours, in hopes of getting three minutes of stage time at open mic nights. Clark even slept on the ground overnight at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, in order to get a spot on their open mic show. Since then, Clark has started to develop a following. To say he’s determined is an understatement. His comedy is not for the weak-hearted, since political correctness is not an option. What you will find is a no holds barred, boot to ass, all-American comedian.

“The 'edgiest' comedian was Bo ’Bald Eagle’ Clark...whom even Evan Sayet described as a ’redneck.’ Clark was so over-the-top with his references to 'camel jockeys' and 'diaper-heads.'" -

“He bellows from the stage in a voice that resurrects the image of the late scream comic Sam Kinison.” - John Rogers, Associated Press Writer