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Piper and Tupper

Piper and Tupper

Piper and Tupper, half brothers, were both born at the Woodstock Music and Art Festival in the summer of 1969. The music world has never been the same since. The world has changed dramatically and so have Piper and Tupper.

After being born, Piper and Tupper began their rock 'n' roll careers at the tender age of two hours, screaming and banging their feet in their cribs, creating a primitive version of "Beethoven’s 5th Symphony." For an encore, the two newborn rockers fell asleep and snored the harmony to The Beatles’ "Helter Skelter." It was no wonder that when the entire hospital staff broke out in applause, Piper and Tupper seemed destined for stardom.

At age one, Piper and Tupper began writing some of their own songs. The first was a 10 hour screamer entitled, “Goo Goo Ga Ga Goo Goo.” They followed this up with “Whaaaaaaaaaannn,” an annoying, yet aggravating song that seemingly emanated from the boys' desire to be breast fed.

Fast forward to 1976 and Piper and Tupper cracked the Billboard Top 100 with their innovative hit song, “Discomania Rhapsody,” a seven second classic in which the song was only audible to those wearing white polyester pants and flamboyant hats. This chart topper rocketed up the charts to number 100 and stayed there for a full 24 hours! It was this tune that inspired such musical artists as the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and Queen to abandon really groovy guitar riffs for 10 inch platform shoes.

In 1992, and for the remainder of the '90s, Piper and Tupper were on a self-proclaimed hiatus. The stress of touring and recording had taken its toll on the rock duo and it was time for self-reflection and a new direction. That new direction came in the way of Ant Farm Aid. Ant Farm Aid became a world wide charitable cause as Piper and Tupper, along with other artists, formed a two day musical event in which they raised the awareness of endangered ants. In addition, they also raised over seven million ants themselves, and about 20 bucks for the feeding and care of the ants. This was a historic feat that the Guinness World Records now recognizes as the most ants and least money raised in a 48 hour period.

The turn of a new millennium propelled Piper and Tupper back into the rock spotlight with sold-out stadium concerts and record breaking Pay-per-view events. The biggest and most historic musical event on the planet comes in August 2009, when Piper and Tupper return to the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival to celebrate their 40th birthday with a rock 'n' roll concert many in the world haven’t even heard about, let alone imagined!