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Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory - Tom Dreesen Part 3

Comedian, actor, and philanthropist Tom Dreesen returns to the show to talk to Dom about touring with Frank Sinatra, the problems with AA, and dealing with those guys back home who never left the neighborhood.

Tom Dreesen

Tom Dreesen

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Sat 12/22/18 @ 07:30 pm
Laugh Factory Hollywood - Hollywood, CA

In September 1969, Tom Dreesen went on stage for the first time. This year he will be celebrating his 44th year in show business. According to Tom, "All of my dreams have come true and as the song goes, "The Best Is Yet to Come."

A consistent performer in all the main showrooms in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Reno and Atlantic City and for 13 years, Tom toured the nation as the opening act for Frank Sinatra. When not in those venues he’s in constant demand from corporations throughout America either as a Headliner, Master of Ceremonies or co-starring with acts from Bon Jovi to Elton John.

Tom has made over 500 appearances on national television as a standup comedian, including 61 appearances on The Tonight Show. He’s a frequent and favorite guest of David Letterman and even hosted the show during David’s absence. He’s also hosted The Late, Late Show that follows Letterman.

He has written and performs in a one man show called, "An Evening of Laughter and Stories of Sinatra," a retrospective of his life that opens with him as a young boy shining shoes in a bar while Sinatra is singing on the jukebox, and ends with him many years later as a pallbearer at Frank’s funeral.

Dennis McCarthy of the Los Angeles Daily News wrote: "Only a guy who traveled with Sinatra for 13 years and stood in the wings watching him work his magic night after night to packed houses could pull off a show like this. It is filled with funny jokes and poignant stories about being on the road with the Chairman of the Board that you won't hear anyplace else."

Growing up in a suburb on the South side of Chicago, Tom has never forgotten his early, less affluent days. He has come a long way from his hometown of Harvey, Illinois where as a lad he shined shoes and sold newspapers on the corner. That suburb has since honored him by naming the street after Tom.

Dreesen gives generously of his time helping struggling comics, devoting a great deal of time to charities and benefits. He founded a “Day for Darlene” to benefit Multiple Sclerosis research. The occasion is named for his late sister who was afflicted with the disease. An ex GI, Tom performs on military bases all over the world and recently performed for our troops on bases throughout Iraq. On May 15, 2005 he received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor Award for his humanitarian services to his country.

Tom Dreesen’s unique and engaging style is tailored to the specific dynamics of each audience and his sense of continuity keeps the evening flowing smoothly and always on time whether he serves as a Comedian, Master of Ceremonies or Motivational Speaker.

Daily Variety wrote, "Dreesen is one of the most respected comedians of our time."

Frank Sinatra said, "Tom Dreesen is the Master, Master of Ceremonies.

Larry Wilde, author of The Great Comedians, said "Excellent material, superb delivery, impeccable timing. Tom Dreesen is the quintessential comedian."

Rick Kogan of the Chicago Tribune said, "Brilliant, Funny, Poignant."


Tom Dreesen
Tom Dreesen Part 3
Tom Dreesen -Tom Dreesen Part 3

Dom Irrera Live from the Laugh Factory - Tom Dreesen Part 3

Comedian, actor, and philanthropist Tom Dreesen returns to the show to talk to Dom about touring with Frank Sinatra, the problems with AA, and dealing with those guys back home who never left the neighborhood.

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Tom Dreesen
Tom Dreesen Returns
Tom Dreesen -Tom Dreesen Returns

Dom Irrera Live From The Laugh Factory - Tom Dreesen Returns

The smoothest comic in the biz makes a return visit to Dom Irrera to talk growing up in Chicago, the comedy strike, and Sinatra.

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