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joke bank - How to be Insulting

How to be Insulting in the Street: Approach a complete stranger as if you are about to welcome them warmly, but instead walk straight past and disappear into a shop.


How to be Insulting in the Street: Find a bus stop with a waste bin attached to it. Hide a small bottle of champagne and a leg of chicken in the bottom. Wait for a queue to form at the bus stop, then go and rummage in the gutter, and finally look in the bin. Find the things you've hidden, and devour them in front of the people waiting for the bus.


How to be Insulting in the Street: Wave frantically across the street to people who are trying to ignore you and try to attract as much attention to them as you can.


Fun fact: If you cut off all your body hair and laid it end to end you'd be a fucking weirdo.

Joy Barr

How to be Insulting on the Beach: Sit by the water with a fishing rod, and throw revolting lumps of old bread into the water where the children are enjoying themselves.