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joke bank - Racist Jokes

Q: What is the difference between OJ Simpson and the Lion King?
A: The Lion King is an African lion and OJ is a lyin' African.


Q: What do you call an Indian in a Ferrari?
A: Curry in a hurry.

Milan Pere...

I've heard opinions of many people in my life who are under the perception that Irish Catholics are hands down the most prejudice people on this earth. Well, I'm here to set that rumor straight once and for all. As my Irish born grandmother from Donegal always used to say, ''Why no! How ridiculous! The Irish prejudice? Oh my, that is not true. We think less of all of you equally without regard to who you are!"


How does a Jewish pedophile hunt for children? "Hen kid, want to buy some candy?"


Q: What do you call a baptized Mexican?
A: Bean dip.


What time do Chinese people go to the dentist? Tooth hurty (2:30)


What do you call a Mexican crossed with an octopus? I don’t know, but you should see it pick lettuce!


Why does the Polish Navy have glass-bottomed boats? So they can see the old Polish Navy.


What do you call three black guys hanging from a tree? An Alabama Windchime.


What do a fat lady and concrete have in common? They both have been laid by Mexicans.


What do you call an Asian drive-by? Cappucino (Cap-a-chino)


A little Native American boy goes up to the Indian chief and asks, "Chief, how come we name everyone after the first thing they see?" The chief replies, "Well, I'm not sure, Two Dogs Fucking."