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joke bank - Racist Jokes

Q: Why are black people so good at basketball?
A: They are good at running, stealing, and shooting.

Tyler Harr...

How did the Mexican girl get pregnant? Her teacher told her to do an essay.


Q: What is the difference between an illegal immigrant and E.T.?
A: E.T. eventually went home.


Q: What's the difference between a black man and Batman?
A: Batman can go inside a store without Robin.


Q: How was copper wire invented?
A: Two Jews fighting over a penny.


I work at a survey place, and I have to ask people for their race. People get so upset when you ask them for their race. "Mam, what is your race?" "Now how da' hell is you gon' ask me dat?" "Okay, so you're African American."


Q: What do black people and sperm have in common?
A: Only one in a million work.


Where do you send Jewish kids with Attention Deficit Disorder? Concentration Camp!


Don't be racist; racism is a crime; and crime is for black people.

yo mama

Why do Mexican kids eat tamales on Christmas? So they can have something to unwrap.


Q: What is the Mexican version of One Direction?
A: Juan Direction.


What do you call a Mexican with a rubber toe? Roberto