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joke bank - Sexist Jokes

Doctors are a doomed profession. Why? Because so many women now check out their symptoms on the internet before they go see a doctor. Whatever the doctor recommends, these women know better. One of them goes to the doctor with what she is convinced is a highly complex disease involving copious quantities of strange looking fluid escaping from her nose. The doctor says, "You’ve got a cold. Make yourself a hot drink and go to bed." She says, "But surely, Doc, shouldn’t I be taking the latest blend of vitamins A, B, C, D, and E in rare Mohican mango juice with extract of garlic, leaves of the Bombalomba plant, and essence of a rattlesnake’s testicle? At least that’s what it says on www.f*"


There's only one reason women's hockey is a sport - the hooking.


There are some girls that like to do something called "homie hopping" and homie hopping is basically a girl dates a guy and then she ends up trying to get with his friends, and then she gets with someone new, then jumps to his other friends, and so on. Guys have this and it's called "testing the waters".


Q: Where do you read news about dead sluts? A: In the hobitchuaries.