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Yo mamma so fat, when she jumped up, she got stuck in the air!

Finn Guy

Yo momma's so ugly, we had to tie a steak around her neck so the dogs would play with her.


Yo momma is so stupid she ate her food stamps.


Yo momma so fat, Miley Cyrus uses her as a wrecking ball!


Your mamma so poor she washes paper plates.

call of du...

Yo mama is so fat that her belly button doesn't have lint, it has sweaters.

olaf the u...

Yo momma so fat when she stepped on a weighing scales it said ONE PERSON AT A TIME PLEASE


Yo momma so short, she needs a ladder to pick up a dime.

Jo Mom2323...

Yo mamma so skinny, she uses dental floss as toilet paper.


Yo momma's so fat, when she died in Call of Duty, the other player got a 10 kill streak!


Yo momma'so fat, if she was a witch, her broomstick would be a broomtree!


Yo mama so ugly , she made the illuminati close its eye!