10 Finalists of the Funniest Person in the World Competition are Arriving in the United States from Around the World on October 20th for an American Debut Performance

Comedy impresario Jamie Masada, whose landmark Sunset Blvd. Laugh Factory comedy club has helped launch the careers of countless comics over 35 years, is marking this three and a half decade milestone with an international search for the Funniest Person in the World.

"Laughter is a universal language. This is a chance to find alternative ambassadors - the kind that bring diplomacy through a belly laugh," Masada said. "Religion, diplomacy, and democracy haven't succeeded so well, so maybe it's time to focus on something more universal. And that is why I launched the first annual Funniest Person in the World Competition."

A worldwide audience voted at www.laughfactory.com on video performances from contestants representing 20 countries – ranging from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Israel to South Africa, Switzerland and Sweden. The votes have been counted, and the 10 semifinalists have arrived in Los Angeles for the next round of the competition. Each semifinalist will receive a golden trophy and a $1,000 award, and an opportunity to perform at the world famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood before a panel of celebrity judges and comedy experts. This event takes place at 8pm on Monday, October 20th.

Five comics will advance to the final round in Las Vegas on Friday, October 24th, also known worldwide as United Nations Day, where they will perform in front of an audience, and on a live YouTube broadcast. The winner will be determined by a worldwide vote from an online audience.

Beyond the mantle of Funniest Person in the World, the Grand Prize Winner will receive $10,000 and a paid nationwide U.S. comedy tour.

Masada added, "We see this at the Olympics and the World Cup. All the nations put their differences aside, even if it's only for a few hours, to compete. Too often we speak about the negatives in the world and how they emerge from our differences. This focus on what separates us, tends to foster fear and hatred towards people who are not 'like us.' However, the people of the world are really similar, especially when they are smiling and laughing."

"I believe if we all learn to laugh together, we might become a more unified planet. Mark this: the modern Olympics started in 1896 in Greece, and the World Cup started in 1930 in Uruguay, and the World’s Funniest started in 2014 on the World Wide Web."

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