Lance Koenders, former executive for Intel, joins Laugh Factory as President of New Media

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.--(Business Wire)--The Laugh Factory announced today that Lance Koenders, former executive for Intel Corporation`s Digital Home Group, has joined the company as President of Laugh Factory New Media.

"The Laugh Factory is excited to be working with Lance Koenders," says Jamie Masada, the Laugh Factory`s Founder and CEO. "He obviously has the business and technical savvy for the job. More importantly, he understands comedians and their passion. It is that rare combination that appealed to me. I am thrilled to finally find someone capable of expanding the Laugh Factory`s online presence."

As President of Laugh Factory New Media, he will be charged with transforming the iconic Laugh Factory brand into one synonymous with Internet comedy content
worldwide. "I am really excited to join the Laugh Factory family," said Mr. Koenders. "The Laugh Factory is already an iconic brand and has all the right ingredients to make a great Internet media company. Between its marquee comedy clubs, its history of TV and movie production, and its long-standing trusted relationship with comedians, it is the perfect brand for Internet comedy content."

Mr. Koenders' first undertaking will be to launch a completely revamped online presence for the Laugh Factory that will allow users to watch great comedy content, engage with their favorite professional comedians, and be a valuable resource to the comedians themselves. "Over 30 years ago, the Laugh Factory was the first comedy club in America - probably the world - to pay its comics," Koenders says. "While it wanted to make money as a business, it also wanted to share the wealth and acknowledge who was responsible for bringing in the business in the first place. As we continue into the digital world, the Laugh Factory and its mission remains the same."

Prior to The Laugh Factory, at Intel, Mr. Koenders was part of the Digital Home Group`s senior leadership team. The Digital Home Group was an early pioneer of the emerging category of Smart TVs and next-generation set-top boxes that blend Internet and broadcast entertainment into one user experience. Lance joined the division in 2007, first as Chief of Staff and then as Worldwide Director of Marketing.

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