Laugh Factory Combines Online Streaming and Comedy to Create a Special Series

 HOLLYWOOD, CA - The Laugh Factory has kick-started the careers of several well-known comedians through traditional standup routines. But now, the L.A. comedy club is making a foray into online distribution with a series of specials released on YouTube and Amazon.

Launching this series are The Laugh Factory Presents Tim Gaither Live from Las Vegas and The Laugh Factory Presents Raj Sharma Live from Las Vegas, both of  which are now available to rent for 99 cents or purchase for $2.99 on YouTube Movies on Demand and on Amazon Instant Video.

Club owner Jamie Masada created this series as a way for new comedians to promote themselves without losing money. "There are a bunch of comedy places that charge comedians $150,000 to $200,000 to videotape and make their specials," he says. "By the time they finish, the comedians not only don’t make any money, they have to pay for it."

In the ever-evolving world of digital media, Laugh Factory is breaking ground through online streaming while perpetuating its reputation as a launching pad for talented up-and-coming comedians. To see these two comics in action, Laugh Factory are offering FREE 25-minute teasers of the full special in the links below: (The Laugh Factory presents Tim Gaither) (The Laugh Factory presents Raj Sharma)

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