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Laugh Factory to Become Free Speech Haven for Comedians

For immediate release (Hollywood, California) - Comedians and creative writers at the Laugh Factory have been disappointed at the amount of censorship affecting the comedy world. Many feel that the current climate of political correctness has restricted comics and creative writers from freely speaking their minds without being attacked by special interest groups.

The protection that certain words and topics used to have are now off-limits. Certain freedoms to roam into controversial areas have been chipped away by the PC patrol. "In the old days, people would gather in the town square, step up on a soap box, and let their opinions fly," says Jamie Masada, Laugh Factory owner, "people could pay attention or not, but these folks would not be quieted."

Masada is referring to the Speaker’s Corners and they have been established around the world as public spaces for people to speak their minds about whatever they want. England established one in London in the 1800s, Australia established one in 1878, and even Thailand established one in the 1930s. Now the Laugh Factory, has established its own version of a Speaker’s Corner - on the internet - for all of the comics and writers in North America and around the world. The Laugh Factory Soapbox will be a place where no topic will be considered off limits.

The SOAPBOX is designed to allow a comic to speak to a topic without interference or judgement. "After all,” says Masada, "isn't this what the American Founders meant when they gave us the first amendment?"

The Soapbox debuts on July 16th and features comedian Paul Rodriguez and President Obama. Content will be updated monthly. Visit Laugh Factory Soapbox and watch now!

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