Patron Dies from Laughing: Dave Chappelle and the Laugh Factory charged with murder?

MEDIA ALERT - For Immediate Release (Hollywood, CA) - Wednesday night, comedy's hide 'n seek genius Dave Chappelle did over a 75 minute non-stop juggernaut of a performance at the Laugh Factory. The Owner of the Laugh Factory, Jamie Masada, has encountered a new predicament.

The audience was screaming with laughter and the night manager JW Williams was busy sliding between the tables asking people not to record Chappelle on their phones or other devices. When she asked one patron to erase what he had recorded, that's when she was stumped.

"He told me he was an attorney and he said the tape was evidence if his friend or anyone else in the audience died from laughing too hard," Williams relayed to fellow workers.

When informed by Williams about the incident, Masada said "This has made me more alert to possible dangers and I’ve been on the phone today with attorneys and insurance adjusters to find out if there is coverage if someone dies of laughter. I mean, my employees told me Chappelle wouldn't stop, and that some people actually looked woozy from laughing so hard. Hey, you never know what people will sue for next these days."

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