Playstation 3 Application Released - Only 10 cents a day keeps the doctor away. Bring a smile to the face of a hero!

For Immediate Release (Hollywood, CA) - America sends men and women - many of them young - to war. Oftentimes these young people are subjected to harsh conditions, separated from their friends and families, and suffer bouts of depression, along with physical injuries. Many soldiers are finding that the healing power of laughter provides a way to cope with their experiences.

Laugh Factory and PlayStation3 are supporting these troops by offering to share these smiles with them. The purchase of a Laugh Factory PlayStation3 paid channel - at 10 cents a day - will be matched with a subscription donation to a wounded soldier, stationed somewhere in the world. “The most important thing is that people release stress through laughter.” says Jamie Masada, Founder & CEO of the Laugh Factory, "and if it’s possible to share some of that laughter with wounded warriors, so much the better."

Contact Info Name: Aiko Makino

Phone: (323) 848-2800 Ext. 27