Laugh Factory in the community

The world-famous Laugh Factory is a place where all people should feel at home, feel safe and feel celebrated; not regardless of skin color, faith or abilities but BECAUSE of the incredible diversity and the unique perspective they bring to the world. We believe deep in our hearts that laughter is the magical ingredient that can bring people from all walks of life together, break down any barriers and heal the deepest wounds.

"Laughter is the best form of healing. With the events of the past couple of years, some of us have forgotten how to laugh. People tend to be bashful and cover up their pain, but we need to come together and remind the world how to laugh. Only then can we become united and happy."

– Jamie Masada

Open doors for the holidays

For over 40 years we have had the pleasure of hosting free Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner.


We also hold toy drives at the club every year and welcome all donations.

High Holiday Services

For 38 years Laugh Factory has been holding High Holiday Services free as a joyous gift to the Jewish community.

Services are conducted in the Reform Jewish tradition by Rabbi Bob Jacobs.


Home of free speech

The Laugh Factory is dedicated to supporting comedians and the expression of humor as long as topics and sets do not encroach on hate speech or aggressively derogatory sentiments. He will always support the comedians who perform at our clubs and encourage them to speak freely and candidly.

— Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney about
Jamie Masada, the founder of the Laugh Factory


We are passionate about serving our community and welcome all requests, queries and suggestions for how we can use the power of laughter to make our world better. For more information, please contact Thank you!

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