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International Language

At the Laugh Factory, we are proud to host talented comedians from all over the world. Watch these hilarious comics perform in their native languages on the channels below!

Comedy in Arabic

Middle Eastern comedians are making their mark on the comedy scene. Whether in Arabic or English, these comics always spread laughter while representing their Middle Eastern Roots on the global comedy scene.

Latino Comics

Latino comedians come in many forms. Some Latino comedians started in Central America or South America, while others began their stand-up careers in America. No matter where they started, these comedians are true doctors of the soul.

Comedy In Korean

Even in a country divided, laughter brings people together. Korean comedy is becoming a world wide favorite and something you don’t want to miss.

Comedy In Filipino

Anyone who’s ever been to a Filipino gathering can tell you that they’re always filled with good laughter and conversation. Filipino stand-up comedians are paving their way to comedy fame as they continue to showcase the ‘Filipino’ sense of humor and spread joy across the globe.