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Jon Lovitz

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Jon Lovitz -
Jon Lovitz -

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For the last twenty years, Jon Lovitz has been one of the best-known comedians in the country. He was nominated for an Emmy his first two years on Saturday Night Live. He became known for many characters, including “Tommy Flanagan of Pathological Liars Anonymous,” “Master Thespian,” “Hannukuh Harry” and “the Devil.” He has appeared in over thirty movies, including Big, A League of Their Own, The Wedding Singer, High School High, Small Time Crooks, and Rat Race. He has worked with some of the best comedy directors, including Penny Marshall, Rob Reiner, Jerry Zucker, and the man who influenced Jon to be a comedian in the first place (when Jon was 13), Woody Allen. Jon has become well known for his distinctive voice. He was the lead voice of the character “Jay Sherman” in the acclaimed cult cartoon series The Critic and has done voice overs for many other animated features (American Tale: Fievel Goes West, Cats and Dogs, Eight Crazy Nights, etc.) He has also worked on The Simpsons many times, including creating the character of Marge Simpson’s boyfriend, “Artie Ziff.” Recently, he pursued his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. He is one of only a few performers to start as an actor and then become a stand-up comedian and is now successfully headlining in nightclubs, theatres, and casinos across the country.

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