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joke bank - Animal Jokes

A snail entered a police station and told an officer, "I just got mugged by two turtles. They beat me up and took all my money!" The officer replied, "Why that's terrible. Did you get a good look at them?" "No sir, it all happened so fast!"


Want to hear a dirty joke? The white horse fell in the mud.


Q: What do you call a 3 legged donkey?
A: A wonkey.


Q: What animal should you never play cards with?
A: A cheetah.


Q: What does a pig put on its paper cut? A: Oinkment!


Q: What show do cows love to watch while they're eating?
A: Graze Anatomy.


Q: What do you call a T-Rex's bruise? A: A dino-sore.

I Rindflei...

Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the shell station!


Q: Why are frogs so happy? A Because they eat everything that bugs them.

the Joker

Q: What do you call a dog with metal balls and no hind legs?
A: Sparky.


Q: How do you capture a polar bear? A: You dig a hole in the snow and set peas around it. When the bear comes to take a pea you kick it in the ice hole


Q: What do you call a fish with no eyes?
A: A fsh.