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joke bank - Insult Jokes

The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist.


I like your approach, now let's see your departure.


You're so ugly, you had tinted windows on your incubator.


When God was handing out brains, Jack must have been holding the door.


I know you're a self-made man. It's nice of you to take the blame!


The only positive thing about you is your HIV status.

Justin Dal...

When Jack was born, his mother didn't know which end to put the diaper on.


After every sentence i say you say ketchup and rubber buns.

what did you eat for breakfast? "ketchup & rubber buns."

what did you eat for lunch? "ketchup & rubber buns."

what did you eat for dinner? "ketchup & rubber buns."

what do you do when you see a hot girl? "ketchup & rubber buns."



A woman had 20 children. 10 girls 10 boys, all of their names were leroy. Boys spelt Leroy girls spelt Leroigh. She met a man one day and told him how many children she had and what their names were. " why did you name all of your children Leroy/Leroigh?" The man asked. "It's easy to call them all together. For example Leroy/Leroigh time for bet time for supper." The woman laughed. The man asked "how do you call them if you only need one of the children?" The woman cackled "by their last names of course!"


What did the elephant say to the naked man?

How do you breathe out of that thing


We heard that when you ran away from home, your folks sent you a note saying, "Do not come home and all will be forgiven."


A woman looks in the mirror and says I look fat and then asks her husband to give her a compliment he says ok you have perfect eye sight.

Aimee Szwaj