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joke bank - Joke of the Day

Yo momma's so fat, the Hogwarts Sorting Hat put her in all 4 houses!

Today's Joke


What do you do when 50 zombies surround your house? Hope it's Halloween.

Featured on October 31, 2014


Q: Why are ghosts bad liars?
A: You can see right through them.

Featured on October 30, 2014


Q: What kind of candy do Indians give out on Halloween?
A: Dots.

Featured on October 29, 2014

Tyler Harrison

Yo mama is so fat on Halloween she threw on a white sheet and went as Antarctica.

Featured on October 28, 2014

olaf the unicorn!

Q: What did the Black Eyed Peas do at Wiz Khalifa's costume party?
A: They dressed up in black and yellow, black and yellow, and said, "I'm a bee, I'm a bee, I'm a I'm a I'm a bee!"

Featured on October 27, 2014


Your Halloween costume came in the mail today. I opened it. It was a rooster mask and a bag of lollipops. Going as a c*ck sucker again!?

Featured on October 26, 2014


Q: Why did the pig leave the costume party?
A: Because everyone thought he was a boar.

Featured on October 25, 2014