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What did the fireman name his two sons? Jose and Jose B.


They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but lawyers can find you anywhere.


Why was the civil engineer's relationship so unstable? Because there was no truss left!


While taking the interview, the employer asked the candidate:
Employer: So, how long did you work during your'e last job?
Candidate: 30 years
Employer: oh, you look young how old are you
Candidate: 20 years old
The employer was surprised and asked the candidate how she worked 30 years and has only been living for 20 years??
Candidate: Overtime!

Safs18 Sal27

The Job Interview:

- Name?

- Angus MacTavish.

- Age?

- 43.

- Place of birth?

- Isle Of Rum.

- Slow down, we'll get to your hobbies later.