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joke bank - Pop Culture Jokes

What did Jay-Z call his girlfriend before getting married? Feyoncè.

Joy Barr

How do you find Ronald McDonald at a nude beach? You look for the sesame seed buns!


Why did LaBron James skip college? Because he would never make it to the finals!


Q: How did the frog die?
A: He Kermit suicide.


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Joanna who?
Joanna build a snowman?


The Lone Ranger woke to see his tent blown away by a tornado. He declared, "Tonto, we’re not in canvas anymore."


Yo momma is so fat Miley Cyrus uses her as a wreaking ball.


Elton John used to work at the sperm bank, but he was fired for drinking on the job.


Q: Why don't Batman and Robin go fishing?

A: Because Robin eats all the worms.

My English...

Q: Why did Miley and Liam break up?
A: It just wasn't twerking.


I asked my three year old grandson Malachi what his name was, he replied, "Spiderman." I said, "Malachi, what is your real name?" He replied, "Peter Parker."


Q: Why did Mickey Mouse get shot?
A: Because Donald ducked!