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joke bank - Pop Culture Jokes

What did Jay-Z call his girlfriend before getting married? Feyoncè.

Joy Barr

How do you find Ronald McDonald at a nude beach? You look for the sesame seed buns!


Why did LaBron James skip college? Because he would never make it to the finals!


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Joanna who?
Joanna build a snowman?


Q: How did the frog die?
A: He Kermit suicide.


The Lone Ranger woke to see his tent blown away by a tornado. He declared, "Tonto, we’re not in canvas anymore."


Q: What do you call 5 gay guys walking straight?
A: One Direction.


Elton John used to work at the sperm bank, but he was fired for drinking on the job.


Q: Why don't Batman and Robin go fishing?

A: Because Robin eats all the worms.

My English...

Yo momma is so fat Miley Cyrus uses her as a wreaking ball.


Q: Why did Miley and Liam break up?
A: It just wasn't twerking.


I asked my three year old grandson Malachi what his name was, he replied, "Spiderman." I said, "Malachi, what is your real name?" He replied, "Peter Parker."