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joke bank - Yo Momma Jokes

Yo mama so stupid, she went to the eye doctor to get an iPhone.


Yo mama is like a campfire: everybody gets to stick their wieners in.


Yo Momma's so poor I stepped in a puddle, and her head popped out and said, "WHAT ARE YOU DOINF IN MY BATHTUB!?"


Yo mamma so short when she tried to smoke weed she couldn't get high.


Yo momma's so fat, she played the role of the boulder in the first Indiana Jones movie.

Lia Adams

Yo momma so fat her favorite food is seconds.


Yo mama so fat she fell in love and broke it.

Tyler Allen

Yo momma is so fat when she sat on a quarter a booger came out of George Washington's nose.

Lexi Pooh

Yo mamma is so ugly, when she brought a pig into Walmart, the manager said, "Get that pig out of here," and the pig said, "Sorry, it won't happen again!"


Yo momma's so stupid, she thought Dickies were condoms for kids.


Yo mama so fat, when she sweats she causes a tsunami.

Dante Jones

Yo Momma so old, God was her first boyfriend.