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joke bank - Yo Momma Jokes

Yo momma so stupid, she wanted an apple and went to the Apple Store.


Yo momma so stupid, when she saw YMCA, she said, "Look, they spelled Macy's wrong."


Yo momma’s so ugly, when they took her to the beautician it took 12 hours – for a quote!


Yo mamma's so stupid, she thought Free Willy was a porno film.


Yo momma's so poor that she has to lick people's fingers when they come out of KFC!


Yo momma so fat she wakes up on both sides of the bed.


Yo mama so fat, Dracula sucked her blood and got diabetes.


Yo mama so black, I shot at her and the bullet came back and asked for a flashlight


Yo momma so fat her belt loops have mile markers.

Mr. Ajax

Yo momma's so fat, when we asked her what her hometown is, she said, "Buffet."


Yo mamma so poor, when I saw her walking down the street with one shoe on, I stopped and said, "You lost a shoe!" and she said, "No, I found a shoe!"


Yo mama is so fat China uses her to block the internet.