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joke bank - Yo Momma Jokes

Yo momma so hairy Bigfoot took a picture of HER!


Yo mamma so ugly she is the reason Waldo is hiding.


Yo mama so big she got hit by a bus and said, "Hey, who threw a rock at me?"


Your mama is so ugly even the tide won't take her out.


Yo mama is so fat that when she talks to herself, it’s a long distance call.

olaf the u...

Yo mama is so hairy she shaves with a weed-whacker.


Yo mama so ugly she's the reason Sonic runs fast.


Yo mama so fat, she doesn't need internet, she's already worldwide.

Yo Mama

Your mum is like the sun: big, round, and hard to look at.


Yo momma’s so ugly, when they took her to the beautician it took 12 hours – for a quote!


Your momma is so old she has an autographed copy of the Bible.


Yo momma is so black she makes Akon look like Casper.

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