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joke bank - Yo Momma Jokes

Yo momma is so ugly her parents had to feed her with a slingshot.


Your momma is so hairy when she opens her legs it says "Welcome to Busch Gardens."


Yo momma is so black, she got marked absent at night school.


Yo momma is so fat she went to church with heels on and when she came back home they were flats.

Lexi Pooh

Yo mama's so fat when I pictured her in my head she broke my neck.


Your momma is so stupid she put airbags on her computer in case it crashed.


Yo mamma so stupid she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order.


Yo momma's so fat that Mount Everest tried to climb her.


Yo mama so stupid, she got hit by a parked car.


Yo momma is so fat that the last time she saw 90210 was on the scale.


Yo momma's so fat, she tripped over Wal-Mart, stumbled over K-Mart, and landed on Target.


Yo momma so stupid she stuck a phone up her butt and thought she was making a booty call!