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joke bank - Yo Momma Jokes

Yo mama so fat when stepped on a scale she said, "How does it know my credit card number?"


Yo momma's so fat, even Dora can't explore her.


Yo mama so dark when I clicked on her profile pic, I thought my phone died.


Your mom is so stupid I told her spring was around the corner and she went looking for it.


Yo momma is so short, when she went to meet Santa he said, "Go back to work!"

Te Nui-a-R...

Yo mamma is so stupid, she stopped her car at a stop sign and she's still waiting for it to turn green.


Yo momma's so fat, she wakes up in sections.


Yo mamma is so fat, the only good grade she got in school was an "A" in lunch.

akili butler

Yo mama is so fat when she took her dress to the dry cleaners they said, “Sorry, we don’t do curtains."


Yo momma's so fat, when she was floating in the ocean, Spain claimed her for the new world.


Your mamma's so fat people jog around her for exercise.

nathan ruiz

Yo mama so stupid, she tried to save a fish from drowning.